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Transportation in USA & Mexico
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We offer different freight services with the specifications you need. We can design a special quote program for your continuous land transport schedules, achieving significant reductions in the total cost of your freight shipments and maximizing the efficiency in land transport for your cargo. 

We also have the flexibility and capacity to place transport equipment, quickly and efficiently. One of the perks of working with Level One Logistics is an direct and integral service where in addition to the freight services, we offer operations , transfers, and any service that would help your cargo to be on its destination on time and in the best conditions.

Warehousing & Distribution 

Warehouse Plant 1  56,000 Sqf. 

Warehouse Plant 2  53,000 Sqf.  

Level One Logistics supports your entire supply chain with warehousing and distribution needs, and reverse logistics programs for your products.

This value-added service includes the following benefits:

  • Fully secure facilities

  • Cross-dock, storage and distribution services

  • Indoor rail and truck loading/unloading

  • Computerized inventory control and management

  • Customized reporting and services

  • Container loading and unloading

  • Pick-and-pack service

  • Less-than-truckload consolidation and deconsolidation

This service is ideal for shippers that require a third party to bundle their transportation and warehousing needs.

Logistics Services
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Level One Logistics has connections to road  services that work together to support your unique transportation needs. Partner with our fleet to benefit from a streamlined logistics process that better manages your logistics needs. This type of service is ideal for shippers that have a flexible delivery window and can use multiple modes of transportation.

Cross-border Parcel Service

With Mexico as one of the largest trading partner of the United States, maintaining the flow of goods between our borders is critical to the economy of both countries. While recent changes have streamlined the transmission of information and reduced congestion at the border, it is critical to partner with a company that can ship seamlessly across North America.

Level One Logistics is at the forefront of customs and border  security programs (C-TPAT, FAST, E-manifest). We utilize the latest information technology to enable the transmission of shipment data to both Mexico Customs and U.S. Customs & Border Protection prior to arrival at the point of clearance. 

Pallet Storage

Our warehouse facility is equipped with designated pallet storage racking to accommodate all types of palletized product. 

Our inventory tracking system allows for expedited retrieval to meet even the most time sensitive delivery requests.

Brokerage Services

Level One Logistics brokerage service features tools and processes that enable us to obtain competitive shipping rates and fast transit times. We carefully select qualified carriers to deliver and ensure your freight is their top priority. All of the carriers in our network has passed a rigorous qualification process based on their safety records, security protocols and professionalism. Our freight coordinators are experts in over-the-road, intermodal, temperature-controlled and flatbed services.

Consulting Services
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We provide consulting in transport, trade, business permits and licenses, customs, fees, import and export procedures between Mexico and the United States. Our customer service team can help you with business information, investigations and clarifications in everything related to transportation, commerce, business, permits and licenses to import and export, tariffs, customs procedures for import and export between Mexico and the United States. 

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